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Cross Campus expands in Santa Monica

Cross Campus expands to Colorado
As reported in the Los Angeles Business Journal, we are excited to announce that we will be ringing in the new year at our new, expanded campus just two blocks away on the corner of Colorado Avenue & 10th Street.

Why are we relocating a year after opening in our Broadway location?

Here are three reasons:


1. Bigger & Better

Well, as any member of our community can attest to, we’re all about the user experience. So, first and foremost, it’s because the new home for Cross Campus 2.0 will allow us to provide an even more awesome user experience. We will be doing many of the same things, only at a higher level.

At just over 13,000 sq ft, the new Colorado space is about 30% larger than our current space. A former architecture office, and prior to that an aviation manufacturing facility, the building has forty-foot bow truss ceilings and is bathed in light. Combined with excellent acoustics, you’ve got the ingredients for an awesome workspace. The space will allow us to host bigger, and even better produced events.


2. The Market is Growing

More than ever, this is the right time to double down on LA’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. When we began to design Cross Campus in 2011, it was becoming clear that the West Side was solidifying into a formidable node of creative activity. That is even more apparent today.


3. As  A Lean Startup, It’s All About Iteration

We’re a lean startup ourselves and Broadway was our MVP, Cross Campus 1.0 if you like. When a change in our lease gave us the flexibility to move, we started to look around. The new location presented a unique opportunity to implement all the lessons we’ve learned over the past year in a version 2.0. We heard ya knockin, and so we’re opening the door. Rather, we’re closing some of the doors. Cross Campus 2.0 will allow us to offer a private office option, something a lot of you out there have been asking for. More meeting rooms, check. And a bigger, better event space.

Our membership structure and services will generally be the same, likewise the space design – you’ll see a lot of the old, familiar touches but you’ll also see some new ones we’re busy cooking up.


Yes, we’re taking the lego desk.


Cross Campus is a member-based community, and we have an application process for acceptance. Our members are entrepreneurs, startups, creative professionals, freelancers and big company nomads. If you’re interested in becoming a member, fill out our application, and we’ll bring you in for an interview and a tour.  



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