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Best-Selling Author Tim Ferriss Visits Cross Campus Santa Monica

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Best-selling author, entrepreneur & investor Tim Ferriss hosted his 1st live event in LA with an incredibly generous MARATHON five-hour Q&A at Cross Campus Santa Monica in Jan. 2016.

As we close out 2016 and launch our new website, we’re reposting some of our favorite blogs from the past few years. This entry is #2 on our Top-10 list.


Tim arrived at the event with tons of energy, ready to answer every single question that came his way from a crowd of devoted fans and Cross Campus members.

Below are a few highlights from the night:

  • Effective if you do the right things. Efficient if you do things well. Effectiveness is more important than efficiency.
  • “22 Immutable Laws of Marketing”: Best book to differentiate yourself in business
  • “Every moment of serendipitously meeting someone who has changed my life has stemmed from not undervaluing someone who appeared not to be part of the ‘in’ crowd.”
  • 5 Years and $25 million: Minimum requirements for a public campaign to get psilocybin (magic mushrooms) legally into prescription bottles.
  • “1001 True Fans”: Best book to identify and define a niche market
  • Lysine: Under-appreciated way to diminish the effects of a hangover
  • “High intimacy-low maintenance”: Tim’s preferred type of relationships
  • The superpower he would most want: “Clairvoyance to find out which acro Yoga instructors are attracted to men who look like Jason Statham.”
  • “Exploring the world of lucid dreaming”: A great book that explores an arena that can serve as a training ground for personal psychedelic research.


We’d like to thank Tim for hosting his first LA meetup with us! If you weren’t able to attend this awesome event, check out the photos here and tweets from the night below. Stay tuned for video footage !

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