5 Organization Hacks for the Working Professional


“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” – Benjamin Franklin

We can’t be sure that Ben’s math was exact, but we can attest to the fact that good organization leads to clarity and productivity…and who doesn’t want more of that in their life? If you’re looking to improve your organization, read on to learn how to become the most organized person at the office without making a trip to IKEA.

1. Save everything. Everything.

Ever experience the embarrassment of asking someone for their address or phone number…after they’ve already given it to you? Maybe it got buried in your text messages or email inbox, or if you’re old school, maybe it got lost in a pile of files and loose paper; either way, you lost it because you didn’t take the time to save it in a safe space.

Whether you keep a digital or physical address book, save important information like phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, and more as soon as you receive them.

2. Keep a schedule.

There’s nothing worse than forgetting an appointment or previously-scheduled meeting. With tools like the Apple Reminders appGoogle Calendar, and many more that will remind you of upcoming tasks and to dos, there’s no reason to miss a beat. If you’re really committed, keep a physical planner in addition to a digital calendar. We can’t promise that you won’t be late, but you won’t forget again!

3. Track your time.

If you’ve ever tracked your meals to review your eating habits, this is the same concept. Apps like ATracker help you track your tasks throughout the day so you can review how much time you spend on email, social media, and so on. Once you have an understanding of how you spend your time, you can make an effort to cut down where needed and spend more time on the things that deserve it.

4. Remove your weaknesses.

Ever visit Facebook to check your notifications, say it will only take 5 minutes, and spend an hour mindlessly scrolling? Whether you delete your social media, games, and other time sucks from your phone or install website blockers like Nanny on your browser, help is available. These tips will help you go cold turkey during work and help you better organize your time at the office.

5. Clean (out) for clarity.

If you’ve ever felt a sense of peace and calm after cleaning out your garage or closet, you already know. Using the KonMari Method or any other that suits you, apply the same organization methods to your desk and office. Regular cleaning and organization of your drawers and desk won’t just help you clear trash and find things you thought were lost; the feeling of everything being in its proper place will make you happier and more productive. Because we know that one coworker with a messy desk who says they still know where everything is… is lying.

Organization is a process and takes time. But once you make an effort to get it together, everything will fall into place. If you’re looking to get up to speed, why not let us help? With regular members-only events and fully-furnished work spaces, we can put you well on your way to organizing your schedule and your office.

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