Growth Hacking Expert Vin Clancy: Tips to Turbo-Charge Your Growth NOW

There are few voices in the crowded, trendy world of “growth hacking” as original, irreverent and blunt as that of Vincent Dignan.

Make that Vin Clancy. He actually changed his name in the last month. (Like we said: irreverent.)

Vin is as outspoken as he is unapologetic about the tactics that he employs, and encourages others to employ, in their pursuit of growth.

His company, Magnific, beat 1500+ other startups to be accepted into the prestigious accelerator Techstars London. And he was asked by The Duke Of York to help his companies at Pitch@Palace 4.0 and boost social media on the night of the event at St. James’s Palace with The Duchess of York.

Vin has spoken several times at Cross Campus over the past two years, and his talks are famous for being chock full of useful tidbits that you can put into practice right away to turbocharge your marketing efforts.

Below, we offer clips from a talk he gave at Cross Campus Downtown LA in Feb. 2017 that deliver on some of that promise.

The first illustrates Vin’s penchant for the strategic use of swearing to draw attention and drive home a point.

The rest are fairly self-explanatory.