How Cross Campus Helps Increase Your Productivity

As spring break and summer approach (a.k.a. vacation season), are you feeling pressed to get more work done before you set up your email's vacation responder? We feel you. Lucky for you, Cross Campus can provide some relief in the form of no-brainer productivity hacks. Read on to find out how.


And we don't just mean conference rooms. Cross Campus's soundproof phone booths are a step up from noise-cancelling headphones. By stepping inside one of our booths, you can ensure you'll have a completely distraction-free environment in which you can get your work done, handle phone calls, and even take Skype calls.


We all know the feeling of a cramped wrist from too much typing, tired eyes from too much screen time, and a sore bottom from too much sitting. Discomfort leads to distraction and frequent breaks. Ditch the discomfort and take advantage of our laptop stands, standing desks, and other ergonomic tools. A comfortable, healthy body is a productive body!


All of our locations boast curated playlists that provide the soundtrack to your hustle. Songs are hand-picked by company leaders to fit each location's neighborhood and vibe. Who likes working in silence, anyway? It's almost as bad as going to the gym and realizing you forgot your headphones. If you need a quiet moment, you can always leave the shared space for a soundproof phone booth, conference room, or private office.


We've taken the concept of mobile, app-based meditation to the next level. We understand that the stop, drop, and meditate method doesn't work in busy environments where distractions are everywhere. That's why our meditation rooms in Santa Monica, Downtown LA, and South Bay are the perfect places to take your next break. With comfortable seating, mood lighting, soothing music, and a no-phones policy, our meditation rooms can help you get back on track to productivity.


Ever skipped lunch and felt that the afternoon dragged on? Everyone is more productive with a few calories in them. That's why we stock our kitchens with a rotating selection of savory snacks, sweet treats, and premium beverages to fuel you. If food/drink as motivation is more your style, knowing that a nice glass of iced tea, kombucha, or cold brew awaits once you check those tasks off your to do list is a great productivity incentive.

Start meeting your productivity goals at Cross Campus and take your business to the next levelWe have coworking, offices for teams of 1 to 60, meeting space, and event space to fit all of your business needs. Schedule a free tour to get your membership started today. For April and May, Resident Membership is only $299/month!

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