The Best Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

Who else is excited to celebrate the holidays as much as we are?

Amid the gifts, food, drink, parties, and traditions, it can be easy to forget that not everyone is lucky enough to be able to celebrate the season in the ways that you do. Instead of guilt, funnel your fortune into the lives of the unfortunate by giving back this season, and not just by donating money.

Give Your Time

The best part about this method of philanthropy is that it costs no money, so freelancers and successful CEOs alike can all pitch in! Different methods include volunteering to serve at soup kitchens or package meals at organizations like Meals on Wheels, socializing (and networking!) with underprivileged groups like senior citizens and foster youth, and improving the lives of shelter pets by taking them on walks, reading to them, and more.

Donate Goods

From canned foods to gently-used clothes to whole turkeys, there are multiple items we take for granted that others would greatly appreciate and cherish. No matter what you choose to donate, make sure edible items aren’t near or past their expiration dates, clothing items are in wearable condition, and all other items are still functioning. In short, don’t donate anything that looks like it belongs in a junkyard—give what you would like to receive if you were in a less fortunate situation.

Get Crafty

This time of year can get lonely for those in hospitals, rehab facilities, nursing homes, military bases, and other places that serve as temporary homes but aren’t meant to last forever. Many of these institutions, including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, accept holiday cards that are meant to cheer up their patients and spread the holiday spirit.


You’re already going to be dropping money on your loved ones (and let’s be honest, yourself) because ‘tis the season for deals and steals. Why not spend a little extra on others? Whether that’s adding a donation to charity when you check out at the grocery store or shopping on instead of the regular Amazon portal so that part of your purchase goes to the non-profit of your choice, it’s easy to donate a little here and there in the name of the season of giving.


Are you ready to do good during the holidays?

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