Why You Should Acknowledge Your Accomplishments (& How to Do It)

We live in the age of the humblebrag. Social media makes it so easy to do. For many of us, it’s easy to cringe at the thought of shameless self-promotion in any form. However, the desire to retain humility can harm more than help in the long run. Don’t click away before we explain how praising yourself can lead to future success, and much more.

It’s Not What You Think

The acknowledgment of one’s own accomplishments gets a bad rap from those who belittle others or put qualifiers on their praises. Instead of praising yourself for doubling your monthly sales goals and comparing it to your coworker who didn’t make it nearly as far, focus on your own success. Instead of saying that you were able to finish a task because it was too easy or below your pay grade, acknowledge that you successfully completed the task and move on.

Acknowledgment = Self-Care

Most of us focus on to-do lists instead of done lists. Keeping track of the things you have finished, even something as simple as cooking dinner at home or folding the laundry, does great things for your mental health. Whether you verbally recognize the completion of different tasks or make an effort to keep a daily gratitude journal, the little things go a long way in making you feel productive and fulfilled.

That’s exactly why Cross Campus features a member company from a different coworking space every month. Our members do amazing things every day, and our monthly Member Spotlights allow us to recognize the outstanding members of our community and help us spread the word about their businesses.

Confidence Leads to Risk & Reward

Self-praise leads to higher self-esteem. Higher self-esteem allows you more confidence to go out and try things you otherwise wouldn’t have if you didn’t believe in yourself. Whether you apply for a job you feel slightly underqualified for or reach out to a well-known investor for a pitch meeting, the possibilities are endless when you have enough confidence.


Feeling encouraged enough to applaud yourself? When you’re part of a supportive community of go-getters, acknowledgment of yourself and others comes easy. Take a free tour in Old Pasadena, Downtown LA, El Segundo, or Santa Monica to see for yourself.