Worklife Balanced

We started Cross Campus with the vision of re-imagining the work environment around the needs of today's creative professional.

Four years and four locations into that journey, the Cross Campus experience today centers on the idea of a balanced Worklife.

Worklife vs Work

In the past, work was clearly delineated from everything else in your life. Increasingly though, your work is becoming a significant part of your identity or personal brand.

Both the physical and conceptual boundaries that divide the traditional categories of "work" and "life" are obsolete. We routinely traverse them every day. Work is no longer a distinct action. Work is no longer a distinct place.

It pulls in friends, sometimes family, and drives how and when you socialize. It's on your mind much of the time, in some form. It's not something you dread. If you’re lucky, it provides the passion and purpose that drives you.

It’s your worklife.

Worklife is Social

Your work isn't just heads-down and focused. Success today depends as much on individual productivity as it does on growing and getting the most out of your social network.

The office environment becomes much more powerful if it can drive meaningful interaction among an engaged community of people.

That’s one reason why coworking is growing so fast.

For us, a key part of the vision was to build the #1 business event platform in coworking today.

Our members (and not just the extroverts) tell us that Cross Campus events—the more intimate, private member events, as well as the larger scale events open to the broader public—are an asset and help them grow their business network.

Nourish the Mind

From the day we first opened our doors, we knew a key goal was to design environments that maximized peak productivity and creativity.

We started with the basics: ergonomic workspace design, non-toxic cleaning products to maintain great air quality, lots of natural light.

As our design philosophy evolved, we honed in on what it takes to fully nourish the mind and empower our members to do their best work.

Initially, we focused on the things we consume in our worklife—kombucha, craft beer, coffee, snacks—and brought the best of each into the Cross Campus experience.

Eventually, we went beyond food and drink to focus on mindfulness, that state of being present that helps us get the most out of anything we do. The Cross Campus team and our members...we're big fans of mindfulness.

A large and growing body of research continues to demonstrate how powerful meditation and mindfulness are to driving business success and personal satisfaction.

It's why we offer meditation rooms, and mindfulness event programming, at all of our locations.

Worklife Balanced

We believe that the idea of optimizing work time versus personal time may be a bit outdated.

The 'work vs life balance' concept feels less relevant to more in our society today—especially to those of us who are challenging the fundamental notions of what work is, and finding ourselves happier and more fulfilled as a result.

Mixing work with meaningful social interaction...

Creating with intensity, but also recharging the mind with equal intensity...

Learning, growing, and building new relationships...

That's Worklife Balanced.

That's why you come to Cross Campus.